As I sit here sipping my Americano coffee at &Union, I cant help but wonder whatever happened to this AWESOME blog. Oh yes. Life happened. I moved back to Cape Town after 10 agonising months away from my sidekick, my Batman, my Snoopy, my brown bear.

We had such a special time in London together, sharing a 4m by 4m room, not to mention a small double bed, we thought it would be cool to re-experience it all over again. However we agreed to have separate rooms this time. Good decision Gary Teichman. That was the Chinars Hars. It burnt down. So we moved into the Chinars Hars 2.0 where we currently stay. And boy is it fun. Hey?

It sure is.

Ok, lets get the ball rolling on these posts.

Expect more in the next few days…

(Why Troye? Shouldn’t you be working or something?)

Shut up dammit, SHUT UP!


All this hype about the SA Blog Awards got me wondering what happened to my old blog.
You know, this one, the one you’re reading right now.

I only used this to communicate with Zed back home when I was on mud island, in an exuberant exhibitionist kind of way. Wow, where did that come from?

So, here we go again. It’s time. Time to take on the world. But first I want to see where this blog takes me…

Blog is such a… such a shit word.
Blog sounds like bog, which is slang for toilet (where people poo).
It just sounds wrong.

Ok, let’s do this..

I’ve been back for roughly six months now, and have heard very little from my PiC. (partner-in-crime)

watch out ladies...

Maybe we’re gwowing up to quickly. I think we should go back to the good old days. The days when we walked around with nappies and we could poo whenever we liked. And the best bit, someone else got to clean it. Great stuff.
They have adult nappies you know? I saw it on a tv show about hospitals. Can you imagine? Taking a no.2 and not following through with the traditional wipe and clean. Sies.

Zed, where are you? Cliff and I would like a word. We’ve missed you for far too long now..

Check the close ups of that key board!!
And those pants!!!
AND the hair…

Oh its just too much..

Hey buddy

I found these awesome movie trailers that I knew you’d just love. I can’t believe the sheer quality of movies on the circuit at the moment. Wow. It’s exhausting. I need a break. I need… a Kit Kat*

*This post is sponsored by Kit Kat.
Buy one now.
You’ll be happy you did.
Do it.


Bonjour Cousin

Je ne pas le kitty cat. Je sui le doggy monsier.

Think you might have heard of a French band, Pony Pony Run Run?
Maybe? Think so?
Anyway, I dig this new video. It’s pretty cool. She also looks cool.

and hey… why not?

Mr Picasso Head

Zed, prepare to be Pollocked away…

Make your own jacksonpollock