June 2009

It’s been a month since the site went live. And we’ve had nearly 500 hits!!!! 493 to be exact, not bad. Looks like this ‘little’ thing could take off. Maybe. Tomorrow? Not that soon. I’m lazy right now. Tomorrow can wait. I’m off to watch South Park, screw you guys.


Remember Pumpkin Patch? Yes of course you do. When we weren’t developing evil schemes to take over the world, we were sitting slap bang in front of our respective families TV. Remember Laurel and Hardy, or was it Freckles and Speckles? Now I know you remember Woofles, ‘cos that dog was over six foot, was always smiling and had big white eyes. I didn’t cry myself to sleep for nothing. You probably dreamt of wolves chasing you, I on the other hand had Woofles gaining on me. Waaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh

Woofles eyeing out those pumpkin heads

Woofles eyeing out those pumpkin heads. Look at him Zed, LOOK AT HIM!!!


There was always a song they sang on the show when something sad happened, like when Laurel was replaced or Unlce Bill was fired. And so it is with a heavy heart that I dedicate this post to my hero, (and sometimes yours, let’s not deny it) the good ol’ Michael Jackson. Was listening to radio interview today, and they reckon his record sales of over 45 million for his Thriller album will never be beaten, because people these technological days don’t buy albums anymore. Click.

Oh, and don’t be ignorant..



Happier times with MJ and Eric

I was watching South Park (as usual) and saw this clip…

which I discovered was taken from this YouTube clip…

which then led me to find this clip…

Never mind the strange animals, what about the strange people!
(Look at how many hits these video’s have)

Tsk tsk tsk
[Shaking my head in disbelief that something so strange can become such a hit]
[Hey wait!! That’s a good thing! YAY. There’s hope for us after all my dear cousin]

Oh, and while we’re at it. This is also quite funny. Read the heading. Ha ha

There’s a bit of Randy in all of us, isn’t there Zed, isn’t there?
How many times have we found ourselves in the same position?

Let me know if you can view the link, so I can put more up.

Don’t know where we can find the full episode, if you do, put up the link 


Here’s something that’s bound to brighten up your day my dear cousin. It truly is, one of the greatest hits EVER. When I give my best man speech at your wedding (don’t act surprised that I assume this role), I’m going to request this song. And no, not towards the end of the evening. Its gonna be the FIRST song for you and your missus. Speaking of which.. umm.. err..  

Oh never mind, that’ll have to come later. Not enough time right now.

Ok, so that wasn’t the original.
But still, what a cracker of a song eh?

Dear Zed.

New Section. Scrubs. Its such a good program, I’ve decided to give it its own category. It truly is, a fantastic and well thought out program. Today I woke up, semi of course, and was drawn to the couch and TV. What do I find? Back to back Scrubs, season 6, ALL DAY. I know, I couldn’t believe it either. Ahhhhh, felt at complete ease. So, in honor of their brilliance, and ours of course, I would like to dedicate the first of many Scrubs entries to you Brown Bear.

“There’s no need to clarify, just let it grow more and more each day”


Oh, and I’ve just discovered, to my utter delight (as in drinking Apple-tini’s) that there are 13 series!!!!!!!!!!


So I decided to add some new music to our ever popular website. Remember how we always got to hear new music before anyone else in SA heard it? Yes. 

[Just so you know, its late on a Saturday, I’m drunk, this might not make sense, but right now its fricking AWEsome.]

This song is from an advert I’ve been watching lately. Its with Kaka, enjoy his skills. I like the thing he does at the end. Wish I was cool with skills. Ok, just watch it.

Cool. Now watch (listen) to the whole song. The guitar and intro rocks. And so do I.

Yeah yeah, feel your fingers beat to the rhythm. Tap tap. We should restart our band again. I think people have been missing out on our beats. Any new ideas for songs?

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