July 2009

Hi Zed

Apologies for the third word there, I didn’t have time to think of anything spiritual to say, and well, time is money as they say. I’ve been meaning to tell you about my latest iPod music. Yes, yes, I still listen to my iPod considering I was at one of the biggest music fests ever, with a line up that meant I’d never have to go watch another live band again. Check that here. But as you probably know already, I need the music to shine.

So it is with much excitement and titillation that I show/remind you of an awesome band from Wales.
You may recall such classics as Dakota, Handbag and the Gladrags, Mr Writer and Have a Nice Day. Now I’ve been listening to their latest album, Decade in the Sun which is a ‘best of’ album. Its cool. No wait, it’s sweet. Especially if you’re having one of those crappy days and need a slow, very slow, ease up into a better mood.

I first started listening to one particular song when I heard it on a Tv commercial. You know the show, but that’s another story, another day.

Sad hey? Well just when you thought it didn’t get sadder. Check out the actual music video. (I cried for three days after watching this) (don’t know why) Which reminds me, go grab some tissue quickly.

Ok, lets take a minute to collect ourselves. It gets better. I promise. Here are another two songs which you might know. Then again you might not know them. In actual fact, you probably don’t know them. There, I’ve made my decision. Go. Look. See.

Ok I’m sorry, I dont know why, but these are a bit depo. Sorry buddy. But please please, there’s one more. That’s it. Promise. One more then you can go back to feeding your fish. Please. Ok? Thanks dude. PS: this is… an awesome song… of course. Why else would I put it on here…?

I understand that some vid’s may not work due to copyright restrictions. tsk tsk tsk.
Try here for more video’s  http://www.stereophonics.com/#/media/
Songs featured: It Means Nothing, Thousand Trees, Traffic, You’re My Star


Dear Friends and Family

Zed sent me this clip.

I don’t know, what do you guys think?

Please leave a bloody comment. Feels like it’s just me who visits this site. That includes you cuz. Am I wasting my time? No? Then say so.

This guy's got issues. Not like us

This guy's got issues. Not like us

My Dear Zeddo

Apologies for not keeping you up to date on my  sojourns abroad. Times have been busy, and I haven’t had time to sneak a few posts onto our ever increasingly popular zlog. (Popular in terms of just you and I checking it out on a more regular basis, not the other). I’ve had a lot to report on, and have been storing up plenty of poo. Let’s begin.

Last weekend was a super fantastic one. Caught an 11 hour bus trip up to Kinross, Scotland (which wasn’t so super fantastic) and camped for three days at T in the Park festival. (www.tinthepark.com) It was… AWE-SOME. I took loads of pics, loads of video’s. I’m sure you’ve seen the video, but because you’re so specials, yes, specials, you get some extra unseen footage.

Here’s the main video

And here’s some other, non edited, raw footage

You’re a little jealous aren’t you? It was awesome. I’m awesome. And always will be.

Thank you

Dear Zeddo

Well, cousin, as you are probably more than aware of, cool things rarely happen to us. Well, OK, maybe me more than you. But something happened Zed. Something cool. This is something I will be able to tell my grandchildren AND have photographic evidence. I’ll be able to sit them down, all of them, including yours when they come visit us at Shady Pines retirement village, and tell something wonderful for a change. (and not about how I made a blog dedicated to you and poo) You see Zed, this is, how should we say, monumentally magnificent. Its just.. just..

[oh for Pete’s sake, show him Troye]



 It was taken for Mens Health Magazine. NO, the original guy didn’t have an accident and couldn’t make it. I was actually asked to do this!!

“Troye, would you mind terribly if you could be in a shoot next week. You’d have to hold up a half naked model in your arms. Would that be OK?”
“Sure.” I said, nonchalantly. [bearing in mind this is a professional environment, and so I couldn’t go ape shit like you’d think. But inside my head, the endless possibilities began to flow. Imagination boner.]

Oh, and when I left the office, I played this song, on repeat, all the way home]

Please take this memory, for me, hold it, love it, and be sure to mention it at the right moment in front of friends/people/strangers. (Not like there won’t be a perfect moment)