August 2009

Hey buddy

I found these awesome movie trailers that I knew you’d just love. I can’t believe the sheer quality of movies on the circuit at the moment. Wow. It’s exhausting. I need a break. I need… a Kit Kat*

*This post is sponsored by Kit Kat.
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You’ll be happy you did.
Do it.



Bonjour Cousin

Je ne pas le kitty cat. Je sui le doggy monsier.

Think you might have heard of a French band, Pony Pony Run Run?
Maybe? Think so?
Anyway, I dig this new video. It’s pretty cool. She also looks cool.

and hey… why not?

Mr Picasso Head

Zed, prepare to be Pollocked away…

Make your own jacksonpollock

This game is so simple, yet at the same time, so cute. I think its the music. Wants to put me to sleep, but at the same time edging me on to the finish line.