What do you mean? Aboot? How can you not know anything aboot Zed and I? Still not ringing a bell? Ok, here’s a brief introduction:

Well it’s like they say, you can choose your friends, but you cant choose your family. I was unfortunate enough to enter this world with Zed having been born three months premature, so he’s always had that extra bit more than me. (and I’m referring to age, NOTHING else!) From an early age our parents thought it would be a clever idea to leave us in close proximity of each other. This did not bode well for me, for as you see, Zed wasn’t the coolest kid in the group, hence his decision to stick close to his ultra cool cuz. Jamie. For years now, Zed has been a thorn in my side, but like any wound, it heals with a bit of antiseptic cream and some cotton wool. I’m not sure what exactly I’m trying to imply, but lets just say the wound is but a scratch.

Wait a second, something has just crossed my mind. Zed, who else is going to read this ridiculous sight? Ok, besides our immediate family (in there spare spare spare time), do you really think our friends would give a car park?

Hmmm.. Only one way to find out. Click. Send. Done.


One Response to “Aboot”

  1. Zed Says:

    I was NOT born 3 months premature shithead. I was just born 3 months before you and therefore am 3 months more awesome. Of course, because the awesomeness to time ratio is exponential rather than linear… well, let’s just say I’m quite a bit more awesome than you.

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