I’ve been back for roughly six months now, and have heard very little from my PiC. (partner-in-crime)

watch out ladies...

Maybe we’re gwowing up to quickly. I think we should go back to the good old days. The days when we walked around with nappies and we could poo whenever we liked. And the best bit, someone else got to clean it. Great stuff.
They have adult nappies you know? I saw it on a tv show about hospitals. Can you imagine? Taking a no.2 and not following through with the traditional wipe and clean. Sies.

Zed, where are you? Cliff and I would like a word. We’ve missed you for far too long now..

Check the close ups of that key board!!
And those pants!!!
AND the hair…

Oh its just too much..


Please leave a bloody comment. Feels like it’s just me who visits this site. That includes you cuz. Am I wasting my time? No? Then say so.

This guy's got issues. Not like us

This guy's got issues. Not like us

Remember Pumpkin Patch? Yes of course you do. When we weren’t developing evil schemes to take over the world, we were sitting slap bang in front of our respective families TV. Remember Laurel and Hardy, or was it Freckles and Speckles? Now I know you remember Woofles, ‘cos that dog was over six foot, was always smiling and had big white eyes. I didn’t cry myself to sleep for nothing. You probably dreamt of wolves chasing you, I on the other hand had Woofles gaining on me. Waaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh

Woofles eyeing out those pumpkin heads

Woofles eyeing out those pumpkin heads. Look at him Zed, LOOK AT HIM!!!


There was always a song they sang on the show when something sad happened, like when Laurel was replaced or Unlce Bill was fired. And so it is with a heavy heart that I dedicate this post to my hero, (and sometimes yours, let’s not deny it) the good ol’ Michael Jackson. Was listening to radio interview today, and they reckon his record sales of over 45 million for his Thriller album will never be beaten, because people these technological days don’t buy albums anymore. Click.

Oh, and don’t be ignorant..



Happier times with MJ and Eric

No, I haven’t been lazy, we’ve just had a few ‘technicalities’ to finalize before we literally.. BLOW YOUR MIND AWAY…

Now check out this ancient cartoon. Man is this thing H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S. Its so funny, I was rolling around with laughter when I first saw it. Dying inside. PAH