Bonjour Cousin

Je ne pas le kitty cat. Je sui le doggy monsier.

Think you might have heard of a French band, Pony Pony Run Run?
Maybe? Think so?
Anyway, I dig this new video. It’s pretty cool. She also looks cool.


Hi Zed

Apologies for the third word there, I didn’t have time to think of anything spiritual to say, and well, time is money as they say. I’ve been meaning to tell you about my latest iPod music. Yes, yes, I still listen to my iPod considering I was at one of the biggest music fests ever, with a line up that meant I’d never have to go watch another live band again. Check that here. But as you probably know already, I need the music to shine.

So it is with much excitement and titillation that I show/remind you of an awesome band from Wales.
You may recall such classics as Dakota, Handbag and the Gladrags, Mr Writer and Have a Nice Day. Now I’ve been listening to their latest album, Decade in the Sun which is a ‘best of’ album. Its cool. No wait, it’s sweet. Especially if you’re having one of those crappy days and need a slow, very slow, ease up into a better mood.

I first started listening to one particular song when I heard it on a Tv commercial. You know the show, but that’s another story, another day.

Sad hey? Well just when you thought it didn’t get sadder. Check out the actual music video. (I cried for three days after watching this) (don’t know why) Which reminds me, go grab some tissue quickly.

Ok, lets take a minute to collect ourselves. It gets better. I promise. Here are another two songs which you might know. Then again you might not know them. In actual fact, you probably don’t know them. There, I’ve made my decision. Go. Look. See.

Ok I’m sorry, I dont know why, but these are a bit depo. Sorry buddy. But please please, there’s one more. That’s it. Promise. One more then you can go back to feeding your fish. Please. Ok? Thanks dude. PS: this is… an awesome song… of course. Why else would I put it on here…?

I understand that some vid’s may not work due to copyright restrictions. tsk tsk tsk.
Try here for more video’s
Songs featured: It Means Nothing, Thousand Trees, Traffic, You’re My Star

Here’s something that’s bound to brighten up your day my dear cousin. It truly is, one of the greatest hits EVER. When I give my best man speech at your wedding (don’t act surprised that I assume this role), I’m going to request this song. And no, not towards the end of the evening. Its gonna be the FIRST song for you and your missus. Speaking of which.. umm.. err..  

Oh never mind, that’ll have to come later. Not enough time right now.

Ok, so that wasn’t the original.
But still, what a cracker of a song eh?

So I decided to add some new music to our ever popular website. Remember how we always got to hear new music before anyone else in SA heard it? Yes. 

[Just so you know, its late on a Saturday, I’m drunk, this might not make sense, but right now its fricking AWEsome.]

This song is from an advert I’ve been watching lately. Its with Kaka, enjoy his skills. I like the thing he does at the end. Wish I was cool with skills. Ok, just watch it.

Cool. Now watch (listen) to the whole song. The guitar and intro rocks. And so do I.

Yeah yeah, feel your fingers beat to the rhythm. Tap tap. We should restart our band again. I think people have been missing out on our beats. Any new ideas for songs?