As I sit here sipping my Americano coffee at &Union, I cant help but wonder whatever happened to this AWESOME blog. Oh yes. Life happened. I moved back to Cape Town after 10 agonising months away from my sidekick, my Batman, my Snoopy, my brown bear.

We had such a special time in London together, sharing a 4m by 4m room, not to mention a small double bed, we thought it would be cool to re-experience it all over again. However we agreed to have separate rooms this time. Good decision Gary Teichman. That was the Chinars Hars. It burnt down. So we moved into the Chinars Hars 2.0 where we currently stay. And boy is it fun. Hey?

It sure is.

Ok, lets get the ball rolling on these posts.

Expect more in the next few days…

(Why Troye? Shouldn’t you be working or something?)

Shut up dammit, SHUT UP!


and hey… why not?

Mr Picasso Head

Zed, prepare to be Pollocked away…

Make your own jacksonpollock

This game is so simple, yet at the same time, so cute. I think its the music. Wants to put me to sleep, but at the same time edging me on to the finish line.


Dear Friends and Family

Zed sent me this clip.

I don’t know, what do you guys think?